The Heart of Self-Care

Self-care is a lot of things. And with all those things, it gets jumbled sometimes with materialism and consumerism.

I suspect there are things like getting your hair done, nails done, or shoe shopping that some might categorize as self-care. It’s not. Those are external.

In the natural health world, self-care is highly marketed. One could spend all their money chasing the next trendy thing that’ll “raise your vibe.”

At the heart, self-care is none of those things.

Self-care is internally driven. It’s taking inventory of what doesn’t work for you and what does work for you. It’s doing less of those “not working for me” things, more of those “working for me” things and figuring out what’s essential to enabling both of these to become reality. Self-care is really about being honest. It’s about sifting through the shit to find the gold – the truth. It’s about breaking free from the lies that hold you hostage.

Sometimes self-care for one might be carving out at least an hour of solitude every day (grocery shopping or scrolling through social media doesn’t count). For others, it might be finding ways to isolate less and connect more. Sometimes, self-care is ending relationships that are consistently hurtful. Sometimes self-care is staying in relationships rather than running away. Sometimes it’s more sleep; sometimes it’s less. Sometimes it’s consistency; sometimes it’s spontaneity. Sometimes it’s learning; sometimes it’s unlearning.

Whatever it is, the intent of self-care is entirely unique to you. So is the “how.”

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