Embodied Personality Patterns

Improve your relationships. Lead from your natural strength. Relieve stress.

Each one of us runs energy through our body in a certain way. Some run attention toward others in order to connect. Some at others in order to control or dominate. Some might run attention downward in order to withdraw or hide.

This habit of running energy is a safety strategy, and it was formed as a result of a protective mechanism that worked in childhood. While each pattern has strengths, each has aspects that get in the way of developing authentic connections with self and others. The pattern can contribute to physical symptoms and disease states, as well.

Understanding the patterns you run can have a profound impact on yourself and others. You’ll learn how to lead, love, parent, and engage differently with others through this introduction to the five personality patterns. This course is appropriate for professional development.

This course is based in Reichian Character Structure. Kara has spent 9 years studying the patterns alongside multiple teachers and as she integrates this knowledge into her work with clients and students. A connoisseur of personality systems, this one is a favorite, because it is much easier to learn and understand for most people because we can actually FEEL and SEE these patterns. The course will include both lecture and experiential learning.

Thursdays, May 23 – June 27
11am-1pm EST
Contact me for sliding scale options.

Email karamcnabb@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

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