20 Counts: Building Energetic Containers

I’ve been working with building energy fields for eight years. It’s a skill that’s deepened over time and one I continue to grow in.

There are so many benefits to using these. The most primary one is that you have coherent support from the fields of energy aligned to you. In other words, you don’t have to do it all alone.

Here are some ways in which these fields—I call them 20 Counts—have been helpful for clients, friends, and myself:

✨Legal battles — calm amidst a storm, smooth processes, right resources, may all parties be in alignment to truth

✨ Parent-child tension — finding the right way to manage conflict or bring ease to amped up nervous systems

✨ Business strategy — clear focus and vision, plus smooth path to success

✨ Practitioner work –– support client emotions, improved outcomes for clients and customers

✨ Selling a home — the right resources are in place, the right buyer finds you, smooth process, stress less, etc

✨ Contentious relationship — resolve conflict with compassion, find solutions for peace or reprieve, conscious and clear communication

✨ Improve relationships — align a good or wobbly relationship to growth and expansion

✨ Problem solve — unsure what to do next? Let the field hold it. As you listen, you’ll be directed down a clear path.

✨ Clearing — as in clearing ghostly or funky energy from homes. The kids finally slept better here.

✨ Events & Classes — Set an intention and let the field support you

✨ Manifestation — If in right alignment, the field will support the intention and enable ease of action to achieve


I’m teaching a Level 1 series beginning in July.


This is open to students who have gone through my Basics energy management training and to practitioners/teachers with a competence in energetic boundaries.


If you’re interested in learning how to place 20 counts as a support for your self, clients, or business, please register by June 28 for a $47 discount.


Level 1 Details

July 19, Aug 16, Sept 13, Oct 11

In-Person in Grand Rapids, MI, Zoom option available

Email Kara to register.

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