Overcome Your Overwhelm

Thrive in the face of anxious, stressed or hard-to-figure-out health problems

Feel better in your body

Free yourself from anxiety

Overcome the overwhelm

When it comes to overwhelm

Do you struggle with these feelings?


Tired of trying to do it all, dropping the ball, or having no energy to get through your day?


Feel overloaded, overwhelmed, or like you’re losing it with no end in sight?


At your wit’s end with anxiety or chronic health symptoms dictating your day-to-day life?

Hi. I'm Kara McNabb.

Naturopath and Somatic Therapist

I know how overwhelming navigating anxiety and chronic health issues can be. Maybe you feel like a failure because you’re losing it on your kids or partner all the time. You want to be your best and feel your best, but getting a handle on your health can feel like a never-ending battle. You may feel at a loss, without the slightest idea where to start. Which path do I take to feel better when the possibilities seem endless, or nothing seems to work? You’ve been going through the motions and managing, but it’s starting to feel like something you can’t brush off anymore. As daunting as it may seem, there is a path from tense, on-edge and sick to feeling more peace and calm, and I can help you get there.

As a somatic naturopath, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you navigate the depths of overwhelm, anxiety, and mysterious health issues and stop letting these issues dictate their life. I’d love to help you do it, too. To get started, click the button above to book your free discovery call.

Signature Program

Truly Supported

Truly Supported is a six-month program for people who are tired of barely functioning and want to feel and live well again. You will be empowered to overcome your symptoms and get your health and emotions back in balance. We’ll work together through every step, showing you what to do, when to do it, and why it needs to be done, all through a holistic and natural approach. You’ll replace the confusion and overwhelm with tangible methods to help you get through your day and do it well. For all the program details, click the button below.

Take your life back in just 3 steps

Ready to Stop Struggling?


To get started, click below to book a free Overcome Your Overwhelm call.


I’ll show you a natural way to go
from fed-up and frustrated to
in balance and in control.


Together we’ll help you unlock the joyful, energized life that is already inside of you.

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